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Online Life Coaching For Teens, Adults & Professionals.

Dr. John “Push” Gaines is widely recognized and highly respected as a dynamic speaker, accomplished author, and dedicated advocate for mentorship. His expertise lies in providing transformative coaching services that have the power to profoundly impact the lives of adults, teens, and professionals alike.

With an unwavering belief in pushing through adversity and defying the odds, Dr. Gaines instills in individuals the necessary tools, strategies, and mindset to unlock their true potential. His empowering message resonates deeply, inspiring clients to embrace resilience, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights of personal success.

Through his meticulously designed coaching sessions, Dr. Gaines guides and supports clients on a transformative journey of self-discovery. He skillfully imparts invaluable lessons on the significance of organization, time management, and effective communication skills. By mastering these essential elements, individuals are empowered to thrive and achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning the importance of Organization and Time Management
  • Develop phenomenal Communication Skills
  • Identifying stressors and Stress Management
  • How to boost your Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Developing Resilience and Grit
  • How to overcome Trauma

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