John PUSH Gaines

Helping people PUSH past their pain to find their purpose.


John Gaines aka “John PUSH Gaines” is a former at-risk kid turned youth advocate.

John PUSH GainesJohn has spoken at universities, nonprofit organizations, youth conferences, NBA skill camps, churches and schools. He has worked with groups of parents, educators, coaches & mental health professionals.

John’s ultimate goal is to help as many young people as possible and to help them realize regardless of the adversity or obstacles they may face, they can still PUSH to be the great human being that they were created to be.

John attended East Central University where he graduated Outstanding Student in Business and won a football championship as captain of the football team! In addition, he graduated from Liberty University with a Master degree in Business Leadership and he is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree in Business Administration.


Tacoma man selected to ring NYSE opening bell by Tacoma Weekly

John Gaines continues to PUSH and inspire by USA Today

ECU Graduate, Former Football Player Gaines to Deliver Parker Ethics Lecture by East Central University

John’s Previous Clients

John's Previous Clients

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Helping students PUSH past their pain to overcome learning and social obstacles, find their purpose and follow their dreams.

In this engaging talk, discusses his personal struggles and trials of overcoming his inability to read and write.

John covers his tough road to doctoral academia, a career with a Fortune 500 company, winning a college football championship and his cameo on Wall Street during the New York Stock Exchange.

He provides practical tips to the audience about perseverance, and a step-by-step guide to achieve ones dream.

You have VALUE

Helping students understand that we all have the potential to be great despite the obstacles we face.

Love is the ANSWER

Helping students realize that it is OKAY to love themselves.